Previously Club Nove which became famous as Club 9, named after Thonglor soi 9. Today soi nine is known more for its choice of quality restaurants where the customer can enjoy cuisines from around the world.

Club 9 has created a new restaurant concept which enables customers to learn about and appreciate best Italian styles and flavors set primarily of Pasta and Pizza . We believe in originality and quality which is served in the restaurant every day.
La Molisana is the historical leader in semolina and egg pasta, Giuseppe Afeltra from Gragnano, whose history can be traced back to 1870. Pasta King, leader in fresh stuffed pasta prepared according to more traditional Italian styles. About our Pizza, thanks to Pizza King we have a choice of flours mix, for example Kamut, biological, gluten free, cereal flours and rice flours. After studies and tests lasting over 2 years, we created recipes that are not only excellent but also unique. In introducing these types of Paste and Pizza we proudly claim to be leaders in this field.

The restaurant is divided into a number of areas where customers can choose to enjoy over 10 kinds of meats from different parts of the world, all cooked or grilled differently either in the famous Spanish Josper Oven at 350 degrees while maintaining all the flavors within in the wood burning oven. We have 2 other options of cooking, grill plate, and lava stone. The restaurant also offers a wide range of shellfishes which arrive weekly from Italy.

Finally as reported in Tattler 2013/14 we can offer the only personal chef table in Thailand comprising of 8 tables for a maximum of 30 pax with a qualified Italian chef at their disposal to cook any choice of Italian food you may desire.